Sunday, August 26, 2012


The Bear has been 3 for a little over a month and it is my favorite age and my least favorite age.  My favorite because she can tell me exactly what she thinks and wants, my least favorite because she can tell me exactly what she thinks and wants.  She can make me laugh, cry, angry and laugh again in a matter of moments (part of that could be pregnancy hormones, too, I guess).  But seriously, she brings a smile to my face and an out loud laugh each day.  Here are some of my favorite Kerington-isms.

1.  Hey, what's the big idea?  (this is common when something does not go her way)
2.  Family, are you? (when she cannot find Steve or I)
3.  Bless you down there. (When she could hear Steve sneezing from her room)
4.  Zekie is a BAD dog. (Pretty much everyday Zeke deserves this, he tries, but he just isn't good)
5.  Can I have a drink of mommy's special drink? (I told her Vitamin water is my special drink and she loves it)  
6.  A brother has to be a boy one? (trying to figure out how she can get a brother that is a girl)
7.  Mommy has a baby in her belly, I have a baby in my belly too . . . an orange one. (???)
8.  I want to go on a W-L-K (Steve and I started spelling walk because Zeke would go crazy when we said the word. . . outcome: both dog and child can spell walk)   
9.  Of course I can!! (her can do response when asked if she can do something)   
10. I decided I don't want anyone to hurt another deer ever. (we see lots of deer around our house)
11. I do not like bad people. (in response to a stranger danger talk at preschool??)
12.  Is this the right way?  Are you sure?  Papa said this is the wrong way. (she is already a back seat driver)
13.  I can do that because I big now.
14.  When I was a baby, I live in Tulsa.  Now I live in Warrensburg.  (she is very concerned about her geographic location.  She always wants to know what town we are in, just like her dad)
15.  It is going to rain tomorrow. (wishful thinking like the rest of us)  
16.  I not feelin' very well.  (has to be deciphered because can mean A LOT of things)
17.  What are we doin' today?  It is daylight, we do things in the daylight.  (When I realized we are on the go too much)
18.  I goin' to play soccer, go to preschool, and be a big sister.  (her priorities in life)
19.  I hungry. (she is ALWAYS hungry)

Some of her common mispronounced words that I hope she never corrects:)

1. simmin' = swimming
2. pool up = pull up
3. pre-skoo = preschool
4. eldaphant = elephant

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