Tuesday, September 3, 2013

5:365 beauty rituals

Have to look good for the first day of Pre K. . . from the tips of our fingers to the tips of our toes.  We always have to use two colors because they make a pattern!

4:365 the cold heat

Sometimes, I love to ride "shotgun" because I get to catch these moments! Both of our kids are good travelers (thanks goodness), but this summer K has been difficult to get in the car.  Why?  The car is smelly (now my car does have its share of spilled milk, old snacks, and random receipts, but it doesn't stink) and I don't like the hot (the real cause of her dislike of getting in the car). Once she is coaxed into the car, she immediately tells me, "turn on the cold heat."  I can't wait to see what winter brings.

Monday, September 2, 2013

3:365 The Boy

So . . . the boy. . .oh, the boy.  He has been. . .what's the word?  Difficult?  Maybe . . .  irritable?  Maybe . . . Grumpy?  Maybe. . . Moody?  Maybe. . .  We love him, we do.  He had acid reflux and it took him a while to catch on to the sleeping thing.  He has just been difficult to figure out.

You can tell by the look on his face, he sometimes wonders about the care he is receiving.  So this post, I'll call this one, "Ode to the Faces of the Boy."

"Who are you, again?"

 "6 billion people on this planet and I get stuck with you??"

"I can't even look at you people."

"I am laying here naked and you put this duck by my head?  Really?"

 "Lady, you put my bib on backwards!!!"

"Is a tie really necessary?"

"I am not going to eat that."

I put this one in because he would be mad if he knew we took his picture in the pink swing:)

2:365 The Big Tree

Let's be honest, I am going to fall behind.  One kid is asleep and another is watching a movie.  I might as well post a few more . . .

Our adventure at RBSP went so well, we decided to go see the Big Tree.  It is a Boone County, Columbia, Mizzou tradition.  The kids were a little underwhelmed by its awesomeness and I wish we would have gone there first because my face is all red and I am sweaty from hiking around RBSP for 2 hours, but I was able to pass along a tradition to my kids.  It really is a beautiful tree, 350 years old in the river bottoms. 

1:365 Family Adventure

Reading the last time I posted, makes me laugh.  I have such good intentions to blog, but life gets in the way.  Update since last time, large breech baby=no VBAC.  We have a healthy 7 month-old boy.  Long story short, you can plan all you want, but in the end once you see that sweet little face it doesn't matter how he made his entrance into the world.   

I have a new blogging idea.  I have seen people doing it on Facebook so it must be great, right?  I am going to post a picture a day for a year with a small caption. . . no long stories, no rambling (well it is me, so maybe a little rambling).

Here. . . We. . .  Go . . .

I got a new fabulous camera for Christmas (yes, I said Christmas),  but having a baby, having a husband who was out of town Monday-Friday for 4 months, moving to a new town, and a new job have prevented me from using it (I know, excuses, excuses).  I would not say that life is slowing down, but it is more routine now so I am going to do this.  

Today we explored Rock Bridge State Park.  Steve and I used to go there quite a bit when we lived in Columbia.  Today, we took the kids and it will be part of our normal routine because Kerington had such a great time.  I would consider myself somewhat outdoorsy, but the outdoorsy in my nicely manicured back yard, playing with the kids on the swing set or pool, tailgating, bonfires.  Nature and creepy crawlers are not my thing.  They are, however, my daughter's thing.  She chased frogs and bugs, she went deep into Devil's Ice Box with her dad (I was seriously wondering if they were ever going to come out).  She jumped from rock to rock in the creeks, it was seriously one of the glorious days where I just enjoyed her. 

 Little Man and Steve enjoyed themselves as well.
 K's favorite part was stepping from stone to stone.  She kept telling me, not to be afraid.  Her friend, Secret Agent China, (that's her imaginary friend) was afraid, but she is not anymore.  I hung back while the rest of the family explored the natural Rock Bridge (Dark, Wet, Rocky places filled with bats are not my thing).  She came back to get me and told me, "It will be all right mommy, I will hold your hand the whole time."
We even got some smiles from Grumpy.