Monday, September 2, 2013

3:365 The Boy

So . . . the boy. . .oh, the boy.  He has been. . .what's the word?  Difficult?  Maybe . . .  irritable?  Maybe . . . Grumpy?  Maybe. . . Moody?  Maybe. . .  We love him, we do.  He had acid reflux and it took him a while to catch on to the sleeping thing.  He has just been difficult to figure out.

You can tell by the look on his face, he sometimes wonders about the care he is receiving.  So this post, I'll call this one, "Ode to the Faces of the Boy."

"Who are you, again?"

 "6 billion people on this planet and I get stuck with you??"

"I can't even look at you people."

"I am laying here naked and you put this duck by my head?  Really?"

 "Lady, you put my bib on backwards!!!"

"Is a tie really necessary?"

"I am not going to eat that."

I put this one in because he would be mad if he knew we took his picture in the pink swing:)

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