Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Dancing Diva!!

So, we did it. . . we said we weren't, but we did. We signed Kerington up for dance, well creative movement actually, but she wears ballet slippers and a leotard with an attached tutu. It is adorable. The class is just Kerington and her friend, Riley. They dance, they walk on a balance beam, they jump, they stretch, and melt my heart while doing it. I realized that I totally underestimated Kerington and what she is capable of. During class, she follows direction, she can do things independently, and listens!! This has been a lesson for me.

Now there are some of us (Uncle Andy) who do not think that dance is a good idea. He has visions of a bottoxed, made-up, girdle wearing, panty hose sporting, big haired "prosti-tot." I assured him that Steve would stop me before I got to that point:) To which he responded, I am so going to hear about a "crazy pageant mom" on FOX news.

Getting Kerington into dance was not easy because you are supposed to be two and the class started 3 weeks before her second birthday. The owner of the studio said that if we brought her and Riley in, he would see if he could get them in the class. . . what? her first dance audition? I was nervous, how stupid is that? Even though I knew it wasn't a dance audition, it was judgement, but judgement of what? my parenting? how well behaved my baby was? cuteness? If it was cuteness, I knew we would be fine :) All he did was look her up and down and register her. When I tell this story later in life, it is going to go, "Kerington had her first dance audition when she was one." It is not entirely a lie. . .

For now, thirty minutes on Tuesday mornings, I have a beautiful little dancing diva!!

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