Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day!!

Today is Steve's 2nd Father's Day and my dad's 32nd Father's Day. We spent a super Saturday with my Dad, Mom and brother on Father's Day weekend. We went to a parade, birthday shopping for K, barbequed, had a Minute to Win It Challenge (long story for another blog), K and "Gin" (hard "G" not and juice) made cookies, and K and my dad (her Papa) swang . . and swang . . . and swang . . . and swang . . . a favorite pastime at Papa and Gin's house.

Kerington loves almost everyone she meets. She is laid back, easy going, and friendly. If you can keep up with her, you can play with her, but her and my dad have such a special bond. She loves Papa and even called my mom Papa 2 for a while. She now affectionately calls her "Gin." But, she wants to talk to Papa on the phone, she recognizes "his" house when we visit, she know his truck, he is the first one to get a hug. He is the one she cries for when she is in trouble with Steve and I.

Watching them this weekend was was so neat, because I realized he loves her just as much as she loves him!! He is excited to see her, he lights up when he is the first one to get a hug, when she follows him around, when he is the only one that can put on her shoes. He is so patient, loving, and attentive to her. Funny side note: At one point, Uncle Andy had the remote and she took it from Uncle Andy and told him, "That's Papa's mote." While Kerington loves all of her family, she and Papa have a special bond.

Speaking of special bonds, the bond between father and daughter is growing in this house. K loves her daddy, and daddy loves his K. To celebrate Father's Day, we went to the zoo. K and daddy rode the carousel (or danced as she calls it) AND they rode a camel. Kerington has been talking about camels for a while now so when we saw the opportuntity, we took it. It was worth it, seeing the two of them on top of the gigantic camel was adorable. Kerington is very cautious and careful, I am not sure she would have ridden the camel with me, but she feels protected with daddy, she rode like a champion camel rider.

Steve is such a great dad. He truly LOVES to spend time with Kerington. He plays with her, has tea parties, reads books, builds blocks, just to name a few. She gets so excited when Daddy comes home. My favorite thing to do is watch Daddy and Kerington in the morning while she is cuddly and drinking her "mauk." She cuddles up next to Daddy and watches ESPN with him. It is so sweet. I am so glad there is a day to celebrate Daddies and let them know how much we love and appreciate them!!

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