Thursday, July 7, 2011

Cooking with Kerington

So, I decided I want Kerington to help me in the kitchen. She is interested when I make dinner and I usually pull up a chair so she can see. She will watch for a while, but inevitably, she will want to help!! Now, it may be my personality or my aversion to unnecessary messes, but I have a hard time letting her help. Recently though, I have found a few jobs that she loves:

Side note: Don't worry about clean hands, hand washing is our new pastime. She will wash her hands for hours if allowed with A LOT of soap.

1. Washing green beans, I snapped the green beans and put them in a strainer, she washed the green beans for 15 minutes and even asked for soap (I do not give it to her). Those are the cleanest green beans around and were quite tasty. I think because they were washed with love.

2. Putting strawberries in the bowl. As I was washing and cutting the tops off of some strawberries, I would hand them to her and she would put them in a bowl for me. The problem with this is I can't cut them fast enough.

3. Eating cantaloupe. The other day while cutting up a cantaloupe, Kerington wanted to "help." Her idea of "helping" was eating the cantaloupe as I cut it up.

4. Finally my personal favorite. . . Pizza making!! I made homemade pizza the other day. Kerington helped pat out the dough and put the pepperoni on the pizza. She did a nice job, but did not like her fingers touching the sauce as she laid the pepperoni on there. Then it came time for the cheese . . . I reached in and got a hand full of cheese and showed her how to sprinkle it over the top of the pizza. She reached in, got a handful of cheese and shoved it in her mouth. . . the girl loves cheese, what can I say?? Our pizza turned out really good and it was good to have Kerington help me in the kitchen!!

Stay tuned for more cooking adventures with Kerington!!

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