Thursday, July 7, 2011

Summer reading program

Our new adventure is the local library. Now we have used the library on and off before, I just get out of the habit of going or I misplace a book and can't go. Currently, all of my books are returned, Kerington is really into reading so we have started going to the library again. Kerington thinks the library is the most exciting place we have ever been. They have puzzles, blocks, a house, bean bag chairs, and of course books. . .

This summer the library is doing a summer reading program so I, of course, being an advocate of reading and contests signed Kerington up to read 20 library books during the month of July. We checked out 5 books for her while we there (and 2 for me), I did not know if there was a block on my account, I really do have a sketchy return record :/ That night, she read 4 of the 5 books we checked out for her. I was feeling really good!! I should have signed her up for 40 or 50 books, this is going to be easy. The next day, I took the four books she read back to the library (yay for me) and checked out 8 (a little more ambitious). I brought the books home to Kerington and she does not want to read any of them. She wants me to read "Ladybug Girl" and "Thomas Breaks a Promise" Two books I could recite without looking and commonly hide under the couch when K is not looking (don't judge). She begrudgingly let me read a couple of her library books . . . but not at the pace we started. I will . . . I mean SHE will win this contest!!

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