Sunday, July 17, 2011

Ker Bear is TWO!!!

So it happened, my sweet little girl turned two!! I knew it would come, I thought the more I talked about it the better prepared I would be. I wasn't, it is sad. She is no longer a baby. She is a running, laughing, talking, cuddling, opinionated LITTLE GIRL. I think that the only thing that makes it bearable that she is not a baby anymore is the little girl that she is becoming. She is sweet, considerate, and sensitive (oh we have our battles, she is two). But each day she brings a smile to my face. She gives the best hugs and kisses. She has stellar dance moves. She says the funniest things (I hunky- I hungry, I do it, I dancin mommy, I two monkey, I jumpin, are you?, No Zekie). Maybe they aren't funny to everyone, but they bring a smile to my face. She is sharp as a tack, not much gets by her. She is a "watcher," she watches everything; people, animals, cars, airplanes, TV, etc and remembers EVERYTHING!!

Yesterday we were at Lowe's and saw our friends the Eatons, Kerington and Riley ran up and down the aisle while we chatted for a couple of minutes. Today we were back at Lowe's (we stalk all of our Lowe's purchases at least three times before actually buying anything) and when we were in the aisle where we saw the Eatons yesterday, Kerington asked, "Are you, Iley, are you?" She remembers EVERYTHING!!

Anyway, I digress . . . so to celebrate Kerington's birthday, we had a small party at the park (one of Kerington's favorite places). Very simple, very relaxed. . . cupcakes, ice cream, singing, and presents. A lot of family and some friends were there to help Kerington celebrate. It was hot, but short and sweet. Kerington had a great time, I know, because she slept for a long time afterward. That is how you can gage a good party, by how long the sweet girl sleeps afterward.

Aging is part of life so I guess, I just have to accept that sweet little 6 lb bundle we brought home from the hospital is now a beautiful, lovely, active two year-old full of life and brings joy to us everyday!!

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