Sunday, July 17, 2011

We're Moving!!

A couple of housekeeping issues before I get to the topic at hand. . . first, I did not really write 4 blogs today. I write them and keep them a couple of days before I post them to see if I still like them or sometimes, I have to wait until I can get pictures downloaded to the computer. It had been a few weeks since I had posted anything so I went in and cleaned out my draft folder.

Second, and MOST EXCITING, Condron Family blog is going to have a guest writer!! That is right ladies and gentlemen, Steve will be guest writing in the near future!! Get excited!! Disclaimer: Views expressed by the guest writer are not necessarily the views of Condron Family blog. :)

NOW on to today's topic . . . WE ARE MOVING . . . next weekend . . . to a house . . . AND I have not packed ONE box, cleaned out ONE closet, organized ONE drawer. Am I stressed? Not really BECAUSE, we have moved 6 (yes SIX) times in 7 (yes SEVEN) years of marriage. What I have done is arranged 5 guys, 2 pick ups, and 1 dolly to arrive at our duplex at 10 o'clock next Saturday. In my opinion, the most important part of a successful move is having a dolly and many strong men, you don't want to wear out your help.

Now, I will say each time we move Steve and I have a huge blow up. Steve is a no nonsense mover and I get caught up in the senimentality of all the little hidden treasures I find. But each time it gets finished, each time we get settled into our new place, and each time I am grateful that Steve kept me on track. I am also so grateful for all of our helpers!! It makes the move so much easier.

We are moving less than a half of a mile away, and it is NOT our shortest move. In Tulsa, we moved 2 city blocks from an apartment to our house. I am excited to move out of our duplex into a house. Duplex living has served its purpose, but I am ready to be back in a house, with a yard where K bear can have a swing set and Zeke can roam.

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