Sunday, August 21, 2011

Summertime walk

Tonight, we had our good friends, the Lohrey's, over for dinner. It rained this afternoon and the temperature dropped below triple digits so we took an after dinner walk. Kerington's boyfriend, Kai, and her had the best time splashing in puddles, running after each other. Kerington tried to hold Kai's hand, which he wanted NO part of and it became a game. Kerington chased after Kai yelling, "hand, hand, hand!!" Kai ran away laughing.

At one point in the walk, Kai was upset. Kerington went back to comfort him. She patted him on the back and top of the head. They hugged it out and the hand holding game started all over again. Kerington is such a sweet little girl. She was really worried about Kai.

We stopped at a particularly large puddle and the splashing became sitting. It did not matter though. They were having the BEST time. They chased each other through the puddle, they sat down beside each other laughing and talking the whole time.

As we were finishing our walk, I was thinking about my sweet little girl. I was so happy just thinking about the perfect summer evening with friends, the innocence and happiness of my daughter, and how much I love the simplicities of life.

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